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Our work on social policies includes a three-part series on poverty, inequality and welfare. We investigated the states of poverty and inequality in New Zealand, and cleared up some common myths and misperceptions surrounding these issues.

We have also looked into areas where the issues of public health and personal freedoms intersect, such as the liberalisation of New Zealand’s organ donation regime, and lifestyle regulations.

Our research into social policy has focused on issues from new innovations in welfare reform – social impact bonds – to measures of poverty, and whether taxes to curb lifestyle choices should have a place in a liberal society.

Our most recent social policy publication, The Power of Freedom: How personal budgets for social services are transforming lives, profiles new ways in which social services can be delivered to New Zealanders in need.

These are all areas that significantly affect people’s lives and choices, and New Zealanders expect any social policies to be based upon sound evidence.

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