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Housing Wealth and Consumption –Revisiting Pigou

New Zealand’s housing shortage causes a lot of misery. An inflexible housing system makes it very hard for supply to respond to changes in demand. Read more

Dennis Wesselbaum, Senior Lecturer, University of Otago
Insights Newsletter
14 May, 2021

Podcast: David Law on the perils of rent controls

Following the release of his recent research note, Rent controls: The next mistake in housing policy, Dr David Law highlights some of the issues of rent controls and explains why it is often older, and high-income earners who end up benefitting the most when rent controls are introduced.


The New Zealand Initiative · Podcast: David Law on the perils of rent controls Read more

Dr David Law
6 May, 2021

Why rent controls won't fix the housing crisis

Senior Fellow Dr David Law and Renters' United spokesperson Ashok Jacok discuss their views on rent controls on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme. The government's housing package, released last month, primarily focused on measures to dampen housing demand, particularly from those who provide rental services, rather than the key drivers of inadequate housing supply. Read more

Dr David Law
Morning Report - Radio NZ
30 April, 2021
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Bomb Bay Doors Open

The government’s new housing package, announced in March, will increase rents, and reduce the supply of rental accommodation to the detriment of many. Pressure to intervene in the rental market is already mounting. Read more

Dr David Law
Insights Newsletter
30 April, 2021

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