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Dr Oliver Hartwich discusses localism in Switzerland and lessons for NZ

Dr Oliver Hartwich talks to Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio about the highly decentralised Swiss system of local government, where cantons and councils are incentivised to encourage development because they directly receive tax revenues. He contrasts this with the centralisation that has occurred in New Zealand and other Westminster-style countries, leading to issues like housing unaffordability, and suggests New Zealand could adopt Swiss-style reforms to change incentives and improve outcomes. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Rodney Hide
Reality Check Radio
23 May, 2024
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The T20 takeover and lessons for New Zealand

While instant gratification reigns supreme and attention spans are shorter than a Tik-Tok video, the grand old game of test cricket finds itself, like the New Zealand economy, on a sticky wicket. The rise of T20, with its frenetic pace, flashy uniforms, and pyrotechnic displays has left the traditional five-day format looking as outdated as a record player. Read more

Insights Newsletter
17 May, 2024

New Zealand's budget faces its biggest test since the 1980s

Spare a thought for New Zealand’s Finance Minister, Nicola Willis as she prepares to deliver her first Budget later this month. The economic circumstances she has inherited from her predecessor, Grant Robertson, are the worst any Kiwi finance minister has faced since the tumultuous days of Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson in the 1980s and early 1990s. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The Australian
6 May, 2024

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