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The New Zealand Initiative is supported by its corporate and individual members. Our members represent the breadth and depth of business in New Zealand and come from a broad range of industries. They are united in their commitment to investing in policy development and public debates about the future of our country.

Through our research and advocacy, The New Zealand Initiative promotes a competitive, open and dynamic economy and a free, prosperous, fair, and cohesive society. Our mission is to help create a free and prosperous New Zealand for all its people.

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2024 Board Meetings

2024 Members' Events 

22 February

4 - 6 April | Members' Retreat 2024

23 May

12 April | Members' Lunch with Rt Hon Christopher Luxon

18 July

10 May | Members' Lunch with Rt Hon Winston Peters

19 September

15 May | The Future of Our Universities Symposium

21 November

24 May | Members' Lunch with Hon Tama Potaka


13 June | Members' Dinner with Microsoft


14 June | Members' Lunch with Hon Nicola Willis


15 July | GDPLive - Real Time GDP & Inflation Tracking event


19 July | Members' Lunch with Hon Judith Collins


14 August | NIB Health Summit


20 September | Members' Lunch with Alexander Heffner



New Zealand is very lucky to have The New Zealand Initiative as an independent policy think tank and particularly so in terms of the quality of the team Oliver has gathered around him. The FSF appreciates the Initiative’s support of the need for a robust non-bank lending sector and the value it adds to the New Zealand economy.
Lyn McMorran, Executive Director, Financial Services Federation

Thank goodness for The New Zealand Initiative. I am grateful for the innovative ideas, excellent research and the ensuing policy recommendations that help lead informed debate.

The Initiative is building strong credibility with successive governments who are becoming more open to ideas. The Initiative seeks to challenge the status quo in the pursuit of better outcomes for future generations, with excellent research linking to strong and clear policy options for government to consider.

I have enjoyed engaging with Oliver and his team on sector-specific legislative submissions, where we have been able to influence legislation on the floor during the year. It is one thing to criticise, but more powerful to offer solutions.
Simon Bennett, Chair, Accordant NZ

The New Zealand Initiative is one of the very few independent sources of critical thinking in New Zealand. Increasingly, national debate, and in particular about contentious issues such as healthcare, are polarised and politicised.

Sadly, academic freedom is increasingly violated. Most publicly employed doctors are essentially gagged. Consequently, the Initiative is not only to be congratulated but also needs active support to maintain its role of promoting free and frank discussion and policy development.
Des Gorman, Professor of Medicine, University of Auckland

The team at NZ Initiative are true to their word; they embrace debate, encourage us to challenge their research and ideas, and genuinely reach out, not just to the likeminded, but the unlike-minded too. They’re not afraid to test their ideas with people like me. Whether in my media roles or running the Council for International Development, debates and events with NZI are always enjoyable, robust, and fun. Long may this willingness to model a good old fashioned contest of ideas continue. We need it more than ever today.
Josie Pagani, Consultant and commentor



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