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Media release: The New Zealand Initiative Warns Against Misguided Media Legislation

Wellington (Wednesday, 10 July 2024) - The New Zealand Initiative is urging the government to abandon the Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill, warning that the proposed legislation could harm the very news organisations it aims to help. In a new research note, the Initiative argues that the bill, which would require large digital platforms to negotiate payment for news content with New Zealand media companies, is based on flawed premises and risks significant unintended consequences. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
10 July, 2024

The Platform: Dr Oliver Hartwich talks about the upcoming Budget Day

Dr Oliver Hartwich talks to Sean Plunket on The Platform about the importance and implications of the upcoming New Zealand government budget. He emphasises focusing on key figures like the return to budget surplus and controlling government spending, which have long-term consequences for the country, rather than getting bogged down in granular details. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Sean Plunket
The Platform
27 May, 2024

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