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Podcast: Oliver Hartwich and Eric Crampton on policy uncertainty

In our latest podcast, Dr Oliver Hartwich and Dr Eric Crampton discuss what's been on their minds this week - including the Regulatory Responsibility Act and how policy regimes are becoming uncertain and unpredictable.


The New Zealand Initiative · Podcast: Oliver Hartwich and Eric Crampton share what's on their minds this week Read more

16 April, 2021
Bryce Wilkinson

Podcast: Bryce Wilkinson on the Government's Pharmac review

In this short podcast, Senior Fellow Dr Bryce Wilkinson outlines the Government's review into Pharmac. He says the review will focus on how Pharmac performs against its current objectives (and if there could be any improvements), and whether Pharmac's objectives maximise its potential to help improve health outcomes for all New Zealanders. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
30 March, 2021
holiday v2

Time to tackle tourism infrastructures funding problem

This month events at either end of the country highlighted a fundamental failure afflicting New Zealand’s biggest pre-Covid export earner: tourism. On 10 March, Auckland Council heard submissions on when it should reintroduce its Accommodation Provider Targeted Rate (APTR), which is uses to fund Auckland events and destination marketing. Read more

Roger Partridge
NZ Herald
30 March, 2021

Media release: Doing business in New Zealand has just become riskier

Tuesday’s announcement of new housing policies from the Government has just made New Zealand a far riskier place to do business, warns a policy paper released today by The New Zealand Initiative. A risky place to do business, written by Dr Eric Crampton and Dr Bryce Wilkinson does not assess the effects of these policies, rather it warns of the consequences of this approach to policy-making. Read more

Media release
26 March, 2021
Building house

Leonard Hong explains the need to build if we want to fix the housing crisis

In his new report, The Need to Build: The demographic drivers of housing demand, Leonard Hong highlights New Zealand's housing crisis and explains why it is imperative to build now and to build fast. He spoke on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report about how demographic changes (such as population growth, ageing, and birth rates) mean that New Zealand will need far more dwellings than are currently being built. Read more

Radio New Zealand - Morning Report
23 February, 2021

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