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Policy Point Minister of Labour hopelessly ill informed on labour market statistics cover

Policy Point: Minister of Labour hopelessly ill-informed on labour market statistics

Earlier this month, the Minister of Labour, Michael Wood, appeared before Parliament’s Education and Workforce Committee in support of the Government’s Fair Pay Agreement Bill. He was asked for his response to the New Zealand Initiative’s case that the wage rates were not showing a ‘race to the bottom,’ a decline in either employees’ share of income, or labour productivity growth since the Employment Contracts Act in 1991. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Policy Point
5 July, 2022
John McDermott

Transcript: Oliver Hartwich and John McDermott discuss winding back the overhang of monetary stimulus

In this week's podcast Dr Oliver Hartwich chats with Dr John McDermott, Executive Director of Motu and former Assistant Governor and Chief Economist at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand about monetary policy in New Zealand, the overhang of monetary stimulus from the last few years, and what will happen if we don't wind this back. OLIVER HARTWICH 0:05 Hello and welcome to the New Zealand Initiative’s Podcast. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr John McDermott
4 July, 2022

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