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Yet more Government contempt for New Zealand’s democracy

This morning’s newspapers carried a full-page open letter from 42,576 signatories pointing out how undemocratic is one aspect of the Government’s three waters legislation. The Government’s Bill confiscates local communities’ investment in water assets without compensation, and wrecks their future governance. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Insights Newsletter
2 December, 2022
Oliver Martyn Bradbury podcast

Oliver Hartwich discusses the issues of the week with Martyn Bradbury

Oliver Hartwich joins Matthew Hooton and Damien Grant on The Working Groups Weekly Political Podcast hosted by Martyn Bradbury.

They discuss a range of issues including:

Issue 1 – New Zealand's manufactured recession
Issue 2 – The tough on crime rhetoric
Issue 3 – Three Waters entrenchment
Issue 4 – National to leave top tax rate
  Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The Working Group Weekly Political Podcast
29 November, 2022

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