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Time to restructure Wellington Water to fix the region’s creaking pipes

When Wellington Airport installed licence plate readers to streamline parking and passenger pickup and drop-off, it did not have to beg Wellington City Council to find room in the council’s 10-year plan for funding. Though partially council-owned, the Airport funds its own operations out of its own revenues and makes its own decisions. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The Post
25 November, 2023
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Initiative applauds new coalition’s clarity and reforms

The outcome of New Zealand’s recent coalition negotiations marks only the beginning of the next three years of government. But the principles and policies outlined in the agreements suggest the country now has a reformist administration ready to rebuild the economy, refine regulations, and expand choice in social services. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
24 November, 2023
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Newstalk ZB mentions our new education report

Our latest education report Class Divides?: The impact of streaming on educational achievement and equality was featured in Newstalk ZB's morning news segment across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Listen below. Read more

Newstalk ZB
21 November, 2023

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