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Podcast #22: Joel Hernandez on why are state-integrated schools doing so well?

Using a previously-developed analysis tool, a new report by policy analyst Joel Hernandez has tackled the question of whether private schools are worth the high cost. His results? At least in terms of University Entrance (UE) attainment, state-integrated schools are doing marginally better on average. Read more

Joel Hernandez
Nathan Smith
14 August, 2020

Media Release: The State of Schooling

Wellington, 10 August 2020 - State-integrated schools are the best value for money compared with private and state schools, according to a new report by The New Zealand Initiative. Many parents want their kids to go to private schools. But new data crunched by policy analyst Joel Hernandez shows state-integrated schools may be a better choice. A state-integrated school generally has a special character. For instance, a religious belief (e.g. Catholic) or a specialist teaching method such as Montessori. Read more

Media Release
10 August, 2020

Roger Partridge on border exemptions for critical workers

Roger Partridge tells Corin Dann on Morning Report that border exemptions for critical workers have become a bit of a lottery. A survey among New Zealand Initiative members show that large projects are stalling, major plant commissions are being deferred and senior executives and their families are marooned overseas. Read more

Roger Partridge
The Morning Report, Radio NZ
7 August, 2020

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