In praise of our majority defiant teachers

After 12 years of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC), most Kiwi primary schools continue to ignore its main message: they do not weave ‘Key Competencies’ into what or how they teach.The Education Review Office (ERO) confirmed this in recent research. Of the 118 schools it sampled, none had reached the intended nirvana state (phase four) in which competencies are 'transforming learning.' In fact, a grand total of zero had even reached phase three. Read more

Briar Lipson
Insights Newsletter
7 February, 2020

Congestion pricing: Lessons from abroad

Chronic road congestion is a global epidemic, plaguing poor and rich countries alike. In dozens of cities around the world, from Bogota to Rome, from Moscow to Boston, from Toronto to Dhaka, from Sydney and Melbourne to Auckland and Wellington, the average motorist wastes more than a hundred hours every year idling behind the wheels in overcrowded routes. Read more

Dr Patrick Carvalho
Insights Newsletter
31 January, 2020

In defense of boring names

“Yes, we are all individuals,” the crowd unanimously shouted in Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Which made a mockery of professed individuality. Read more

Ali Gammeter
Insights Newsletter
31 January, 2020

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