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Dr Oliver Hartwich

Executive Director

Oliver is the Executive Director of The New Zealand Initiative. Before joining the Initiative, he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, the Chief Economist at Policy Exchange in London, and an advisor in the UK House of Lords. Oliver holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business administration and a PhD in Law from Bochum University in Germany.

Oliver is available to comment on all of the Initiative’s research areas.

Latest reports:
Policy Essay: Effective and affordable – Why the ETS is sufficient to deal with the climate emergency (2020)
Research Note: The Unreserved Bank of New Zealand: Why unorthodox monetary policy needs boundaries (2019)
#localismNZ: Bringing power to the people (2019)
Submission: Future of Tax (2018)
Submission: Overseas Investment Amendment Bill (2018)

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Phone: +64 4 499 0790


Recent Work

Des Gorman 3

Podcast: Prof Des Gorman on New Zealand’s response to Covid-19

Oliver Hartwich and Eric Crampton talk to University of Auckland’s Professor Des Gorman (Ngāpuhi), from the University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. The team discuss New Zealand’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and what could be done differently. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Prof Des Gorman
12 August, 2021
Matt Burgess v6

Podcast: Why New Zealanders should be worried about the government’s RMA reforms

Matt Burgess talks to Oliver Hartwich about the government’s Natural and Built Environments bill, the first of three pieces of legislation to replace the RMA. The bill shows the government sees planning as an appropriate vehicle for everything from protecting the natural environment, to culture, growth and climate change. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Matt Burgess
9 August, 2021

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