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Putin’s war has changed the pacifist reflexes of Europe’s left

Finland and Sweden intending to join Nato is not just a radical departure from decades of Nordic foreign policy, it also shows how the invasion of Ukraine has altered the political landscape in Europe - not just in Scandinavia. There was a time when many left-leaning politicians in Europe viewed everything related to defence and security alliances with suspicion. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
17 May, 2022
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Podcast: Learning from Germany’s foreign policy errors

Chelsy Killick talks to Oliver Hartwich about his new column in The Australian and what New Zealand should learn from Germany’s foreign policy mistakes. To listen to our latest podcasts, please subscribe to The New Zealand Initiative podcast on iTunes, Spotify or The Podcast App. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Chelsy Killick
11 May, 2022
Russian passport website

Draining Russia of a new generation of talented émigrés

Russia’s Embassy in Wellington includes some 20 officials and their partners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website tells us the Russian Embassy’s staff include Ambassador Zuev, a Deputy Head of Mission, a Second Secretary, another Second Secretary, a Third Secretary, four Attachés, and eleven “Administrative and Technical Staff.” It isn’t a small number. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
12 April, 2022

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