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Overseas investment v2

The ease of dodgy business

Two years ago, Paul Romer warned the incoming President of the World Bank that the Bank should outsource its research function because “diplomacy and science cannot both thrive under the same roof.” The Bank depends on good relations with member countries. Romer had been World Bank Chief Economist from 2015 through his early 2018 departure, winning the Nobel Prize in Economics later in 2018. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The Dominion Post
20 September, 2021
Train London

A barbaric experiment?

Arriving into the UK from New Zealand, the fear of entering a “Covid world” has proven unfounded. In England, more than 90% of adults have Covid antibodies either from vaccination or having had Covid-19. Read more

Lynne Mitchell - Informed Decisions Research
Insights Newsletter
17 September, 2021

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