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Cover Designing a Governance Framework

Submission: Designing a governance framework for the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

The New Zealand Initiative supports the government’s emissions targets, including commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement and to net zero emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases from 2050. We consider the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (“ETS”) is among the world’s leading cap-and-trade systems for reducing greenhouse gases. Read more

Matt Burgess
17 September, 2021

Media release: It's time for a politically sustainable approach to improving water quality

Wellington (Monday, 23August 2021): Improving water quality requires more than short-term fixes, concludes a new report released today by the New Zealand Initiative. Any Government committed to improving New Zealand’s freshwater quality must build the institutions that can deliver it while withstanding changes in Government. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Media release
23 August, 2021
Cover What happened on Black Monday by Carl Hansen

Research Note: What happened on Black Monday?

Last week, on Monday 9 August, very cold weather over most of the country meant national electricity demand reached a record high. About 35,000 consumers (1.75% of consumers) experienced power outages between 7 – 9 pm. Read more

Carl Hansen, Former Chief Executive of the New Zealand Electricity Authority (2010 – 2018)
Research Note
18 August, 2021

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