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Media Release: Climate Change Commission shows economic transformation is unnecessary

The Climate Change Commission has made no convincing case for its sweeping economic reforms to reduce emissions, says Matt Burgess, Senior Economist at The New Zealand Initiative. Analysis by the Climate Change Commission shows current policies, including the Emissions Trading Scheme (“ETS”), will deliver New Zealand’s emissions targets. Read more

Media release
26 March, 2021

Podcast: Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich discuss emissions policy

Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich sit down to discuss Oliver's recent Newsroom column on what we can learn from the European ETS experience, and how it relates to some of the finer points in the Climate Change Commission's draft emissions report.


The New Zealand Initiative · Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich discuss emissions policy Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Matt Burgess
24 March, 2021

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