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Covid 19

Podcast: Eric Crampton and Prof Josh Gans on the Covid-19 response

Dr Eric Crampton chatted to Professor Josh Gans from the University of Toronto on the global Covid-19 pandemic response. They discuss the importance of coming up with effective strategies to get the covid-19 vaccinations rolled out as quickly as possible and move onto the next conversation of how to reopen borders. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Professor Josh Gans
28 May, 2021
Covid 19 Health NZ v2

Podcast: Eric Crampton and Graeme Jarvis on IP issues around the covid vaccines

In our latest podcast, Eric Crampton sits down with Graeme Jarvis, CEO of Medicines NZ for an in-depth chat about IP issues around the Covid-19 vaccines and how bottlenecking supply is keeping us from getting the world vaccinated.

Listen to the full podcast below (28 minutes):


The New Zealand Initiative · Eric Crampton and Graeme Jarvis discuss Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Graeme Jarvis, CEO, Medicines NZ
14 May, 2021

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