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Back in March, the World Happiness Index 2020 placed New Zealand eighth with a score of 7.3, tucked between Austria and Sweden. Every country ranking higher was Nordic (aside from Switzerland) and I notice they also have plenty of Ikea stores. Read more

Nathan Smith
Insights Newsletter
18 September, 2020
Podcast image25

Podcast #24: Joel Hernandez asks what’s really going on in Sweden?

In this week’s New Zealand Initiative podcast, the world’s media is closely watching how Sweden’s tackling of the Covid-19 virus plays out. It appears the Nordic country has opted for a herd immunity strategy, as opposed to elimination or containment. Read more

Joel Hernandez
Nathan Smith
4 September, 2020
Policy point Extra quarantine capacity for critical workers is critical2

Policy Point: Extra quarantine capacity for 'critical workers' is critical

On August 8, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Government would consider loosening New Zealand’s border controls and strict visa regime. Ardern said the Government is “keen to get local businesses more access to essential skilled workers to help grow the economy and create opportunities for resident Kiwis.” The Government is right to be concerned about this issue. Read more

Roger Partridge
Policy Point
3 September, 2020

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