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Dr Bryce Wilkinson

Senior Fellow

Bryce is a Senior Fellow at The New Zealand Initiative, and also the Director of the Wellington-based economic consultancy firm Capital Economics. Prior to setting this up in 1997 he was a Director of, and shareholder in, First NZ Capital. Before moving into investment banking in 1985, he worked in the New Zealand Treasury, reaching the position of Director. Bryce holds a PhD in economics from the University of Canterbury and was a Harkness Fellow at Harvard University. He is a Fellow of the Law and Economics Association of New Zealand.

Bryce is available for comment on fiscal issues, our poverty, inequality and welfare research. He also has a strong background in public policy analysis including monetary policy, capital markets research and microeconomic advisory work.

Latest reports:
Policy Point: Is climate change a key risk to global financial stability? (2020)
Roadmap for Recovery: Briefing to the Incoming Government
Pharmac: The right prescription?
Research Note: Doing whatever it takes with someone else’s money (2020)
Policy Point: FDI: Unjustified Urgency (2020)
Research Note: Deficit spending in a crisis: why there is no such thing as a free lunch (2020)
Research Note: Quantifying the wellbeing costs of Covid-19 (2020)
Research Note: How bad might the lockdown be for jobs and income? (2020)
Work in Progress: Why Fair Pay Agreements would be bad for labour (2019)

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Recent Work

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Another cheer for MBIE

In my book, governments that do not publish a competent cost-benefit assessment justifying their spending and regulatory proposals do not take community wellbeing seriously.(Only if the wellbeing benefits plausibly exceed the costs is the policy likely to benefit the public.) The absence of such an assessment is now common. It suggests that a measure is being imposed on the public for partisan or elitist, paternalistic reasons. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Insights Newsletter
16 July, 2021

Podcast: The Government's Feebate Scheme

Matt Burgess, Eric Crampton, Oliver Hartwich and Bryce Wilkinson discuss the Government’s new feebate scheme. Will it help to cut emissions? Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Matt Burgess
14 June, 2021
Bryce Wilkinson

Podcast: Bryce Wilkinson on the Government's Pharmac review

In this short podcast, Senior Fellow Dr Bryce Wilkinson outlines the Government's review into Pharmac. He says the review will focus on how Pharmac performs against its current objectives (and if there could be any improvements), and whether Pharmac's objectives maximise its potential to help improve health outcomes for all New Zealanders. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
30 March, 2021
Risky place to do business cover

Policy Point: A risky place to do business

On Tuesday morning, 23 March 2021, the Government announced a set of housing policies that, among other things would substantially change the tax treatment of interest payments on residential investment properties. The changes to tax policy are substantial. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Policy Point
26 March, 2021
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Podcast: Oliver Hartwich, Eric Crampton, Bryce Wilkinson and David Law discuss the Government's new housing package

Oliver Hartwich, Eric Crampton, Bryce Wilkinson and David Law discuss the Government's new housing package.


The New Zealand Initiative · The Government's Housing Package Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Dr David Law
24 March, 2021
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RMA to be replaced by three new laws

The Government announced that the Resource Management act is going to be scrapped and replaced with three new laws. Bryce Wilkinson talks to Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ about why the RMA was no longer fit for purpose and how the new laws can address the issues that are left in its wake. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan - Radio NZ
10 February, 2021

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