Podcast: Issues With Teacher Training

Dr. Michael Johnston is joined by Adjunct Fellow Stephanie Martin and Dr. Kevin Knight, founder and owner of the New Zealand Graduate School of Education in Christchurch, for a discussion about the issues currently facing the training of our teachers. The New Zealand Initiative · EPS. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Dr Kevin Knight
14 September, 2023
Prosperity square 298778966 1000x694

Podcast: Prescription for Prosperity

Join Dr. Oliver Hartwich and Dr. Michael Johnston for a discussion about the key points from The New Zealand Initiative's recent publication, Prescription for Prosperity. The report, which gives policy recommendations for the incoming government after the election, is the culmination of over a decade of research. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Michael Johnston
25 August, 2023
EPS 172 Damien Grant

Podcast: Unlocking New Zealand's Potential

Join us for a discussion as we dive deep into the heart of New Zealand's economic landscape with special guest Damien Grant, a renowned business commentator and liquidator. In this episode, host Oliver Hartwich guides us through a candid conversation covering a range of topics, from the challenges of economic reform to the role of government in education and healthcare. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Damien Grant
7 August, 2023
EPS 170 Irish secrets

Podcast: Learning from the Emerald Isle

In this episode, Michael Johnston talks with Oliver Hartwich about a New Zealand delegation that went on an eye-opening journey to Ireland, a country making impressive strides in nurturing businesses and overall growth. They confront New Zealand's shortcomings in comparison, sparking a conversation about the need for systemic change at home. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Michael Johnston
24 July, 2023
EPS 169 Prof John Raine

Podcast: The changing landscape of higher education

Join us in this thought-provoking podcast episode as Drs James Kierstead and Michael Johnston engage in a conversation with Emeritus Professor John Raine, an esteemed academic with extensive experience in the New Zealand education system. We explore the evolution of academic standards and university preparedness, discussing the impact of changes in the education system and the importance of foundational knowledge in subjects like mathematics and sciences. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Dr James Kierstead
Prof John Raine
21 July, 2023

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