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Media Release: Unlocking New Zealand's Potential: The Power of Localism Through City and Regional Deals

Wellington (Tuesday, 28 May 2024) - New research from The New Zealand Initiative suggests city and regional deals could be a key to unlocking New Zealand's economic potential and boosting living standards across the country. The research note, "City and regional deals", draws on the Initiative's previous work on localism and international best practices to explore how partnerships between central and local government can empower communities to tackle their unique challenges and seize opportunities for growth. Read more

28 May, 2024

The Platform: Dr Oliver Hartwich talks about the upcoming Budget Day

Dr Oliver Hartwich talks to Sean Plunket on The Platform about the importance and implications of the upcoming New Zealand government budget. He emphasises focusing on key figures like the return to budget surplus and controlling government spending, which have long-term consequences for the country, rather than getting bogged down in granular details. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Sean Plunket
The Platform
27 May, 2024
Rodney Hide Reality Check Radio RCR

Dr Oliver Hartwich discusses localism in Switzerland and lessons for NZ

Dr Oliver Hartwich talks to Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio about the highly decentralised Swiss system of local government, where cantons and councils are incentivised to encourage development because they directly receive tax revenues. He contrasts this with the centralisation that has occurred in New Zealand and other Westminster-style countries, leading to issues like housing unaffordability, and suggests New Zealand could adopt Swiss-style reforms to change incentives and improve outcomes. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Rodney Hide
Reality Check Radio
23 May, 2024
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Mike Hosking talks to Dr Oliver Hartwich about China's Belt and Road risks

Dr Oliver Hartwich discusses the Initiative's new report that highlighting the hidden risks in China's Belt and Road Initiative, which could impact New Zealand's foreign policy independence and infrastructure development. He argues that New Zealand should not participate in the Belt and Road Initiative as it has access to ordinary capital markets, and getting involved could mean being drawn into China's sphere of influence politically. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Mike Hosking
Newstalk ZB
2 May, 2024
Michael 3

The Platform: Dr Michael Johnston on declining NCEA results, single-sex school advantages, and academic freedom

Dr Michael Johnston talks to Michael Laws on The Platform about recent declining NCEA results in New Zealand and a University of Auckland report showing single-sex schools outperform co-ed schools. Dr Johnston argues the Ministry of Education ignores empirical research due to ideological commitments and fails to address the growing gender gap in academic achievement, with girls significantly outperforming boys. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Michael Laws
The Platform
2 May, 2024
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Media Release: New Report Warns of Hidden Risks in China's Belt and Road Initiative

Wellington (Wednesday, 1 May 2024) - The New Zealand Initiative's research note highlights the potential pitfalls of China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its implications for New Zealand's foreign policy independence and infrastructure development. In the report, Belt and Road Initiative: Implications for New Zealand, authors Nick Clark and Dr Oliver Hartwich explore the BRI's origins, objectives, and recent developments. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
1 May, 2024

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