EC Breakfast film subs 10 Feb

Are film subsidies sensible and fair?

With a number of Kiwis up for Oscars at this years Academy Awards, thanks to Taika Waititi's film Jojo Rabbit, Eric Crampton speaks to Breakfast about the millions of dollars of subsidies being offered to attract foreign films to be shot in New Zealand and discusses if this is a fair and sensible use of taxpayers money. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
10 February, 2020

Media Release: Congestion charging: It works!

New Zealand can learn from international experiences showing congestion pricing systems can be successfully introduced – and with the support of the public, says a new report released today by The New Zealand Initiative. Read more

Media Release
28 January, 2020
OH AM Show 28 Jan Pricing out congestion

Let's get our roads moving

Our new report, Pricing out Congestion: Experiences from abroad, looks overseas to see how other cities have successfully implemented road pricing systems that work for their people and their environment. Oliver Hartwich explains on The AM Show, the benefits of a road pricing system and what New Zealand can learn from these international examples. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The AM Show
28 January, 2020
Traffic jam

Benefits of a road pricing system to reduce congestion

New Zealand's road congestion is getting worse. Motorists are spending more and more time stuck in traffic. Oliver Hartwich speaks to Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB about how a well-designed road pricing system for New Zealand could reduce our shocking congestion problems. Our new report, Pricing Out Congestion: Experiences from abroad looks overseas to see how other cities have successfully implemented systems that work for their people and their environment - and what New Zealand could learn from them. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Newstalk ZB
28 January, 2020

Congestion charges work

Oliver Hartwich talks Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand through the findings in our new report, Pricing out Congestion: Experiences from abroad.The report focuses on the international experiences around congestion pricing, for example the use of road charges encouraging motorists to avoid traveling at peak times in busy routes, and shows how it could be implemented here.You can listen to the interview below. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Radio New Zealand - Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan
28 January, 2020
28 Jan OH Newshub News

Calls for congestion charges to be introduced across New Zealand

Some New Zealanders are spending more than one hundred hours a year sitting in traffic. Our new report, Pricing out Congestion: Experiences from abroad, says congestion charges could be the key to get Kiwis moving again.Oliver Hartwich tells Newshub that we've got endless examples around the world demonstrating congestion charges work in practice and that it is time to start doing it here.You can watch Oliver's interview on Newshub 6pm News below. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Newshub 6pm News
28 January, 2020

Media Release: The importance of promoting mining for the benefit of New Zealanders

Public policy think tank The New Zealand Initiative opposes changing the purpose of the Crown Minerals Act from the promotion of mining for the benefit of New Zealanders.In our submission on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s discussion document: Review of the Crown Minerals Act 1991, the Initiative addresses questions raised about the role and purpose of the Crown Minerals Act (CMA).The Initiative believes contrary to what is proposed in the discussion document, the word “promote” should be retained. Read more

Media Release
27 January, 2020

Media Release: Proposed changes to Reserve Bank governance will provide much-needed improvements in accountability and performance

Cabinet’s decisions announced today by Finance Minister Grant Robertson to reform the governance and accountability arrangements of the Reserve Bank are commendable. Key among the decisions is establishing a governance board that will be responsible for all functions of the Reserve Bank, except those undertaken by the Monetary Policy Committee. Read more

Media Release
19 December, 2019

Media Release: RBNZ's flawed bank capital process should be suspended to allow further consultation

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand should suspend its decision to increase banks’ capital and re-open the public consultation process says public policy think tank, The New Zealand Initiative.The RBNZ’s decision to increase the capital banks are required to hold will have adverse effects for borrowers and the wider economy. The effects are likely to be felt most acutely by high loan-to-value borrowers, the rural sector and small-to-medium-sized enterprises.Yet the Initiative’s submission in response to the RBNZ’s Review of... Read more

Media Release
5 December, 2019
Classroom student

PISA results: why are we slipping?

Ever since the OECD began testing the educational performance of 15-year olds in the early 2000s, New Zealand has performed progressively worse in all three assessed areas of reading, maths and science. The troubling trajectory was confirmed again with the release of the results of the OECD's 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) testing round. Read more

Briar Lipson
RadioNZ - The Panel
4 December, 2019

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