Media release: Employment law change needed to improve productivity

Wellington (Monday, 21 June 2021): New Zealand's productivity growth is being hampered by employment protection laws that constrain boards and business owners from firing poorly performing senior managers, warns a report from The New Zealand Initiative. In Nothing Costs nothing: Why unjustified dismissal procedures should not apply to the highly paid, Initiative chair and senior fellow Roger Partridge found strong arguments for New Zealand adopting an Australian-style carve-out of high-income earners from the unjustified dismissal provisions of the Employment Contracts Act 2000. Read more

Roger Partridge
Media Release
21 June, 2021
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Podcast: Oliver Hartwich on the next Euro crisis

Chelsy Killick talks to Oliver Hartwich about his latest Newsroom column and asks why the next Euro crisis has just begun. If you would like to listen to our latest podcasts, please subscribe to The New Zealand Initiative podcast on iTunes, Spotify or The Podcast App. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Chelsy Killick
16 June, 2021

Media release: To Graduation and Beyond

Wellington (Thursday 10 June 2021): Every secondary school should provide every student with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their endeavours after graduation. However, new research from the New Zealand Initiative shows that this might not be the case. Read more

Media release
10 June, 2021

Media release: Government should reject Climate Commission’s plans

Wellington (Wednesday, 9 June 2021): The New Zealand Initiative calls on the Government to reject the Climate Change Commission’s recommendations and instead rely on the Emissions Trading Scheme’s cap to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. “The Climate Change Commission has based its plan on the idea that the ETS does not cap emissions,” says Dr Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director of the New Zealand Initiative. Read more

Matt Burgess
Media release
9 June, 2021

Media release: Government Fair Pay Agreement Proposal will harm workers and consumers

Wellington (Friday, 7 May 2021): The Government’s proposal announced today to impose compulsory industry-wide collective bargaining on employees and employers without their agreement or even their participation will harm everyone but unions,” said Roger Partridge, chair of The New Zealand Initiative. Partridge said The New Zealand Initiative’s 2019 report, Work in Progress: Why Fair Pay Agreements would be bad for labour, found that Fair Pay Agreements would be likely to harm productivity and would be not be in the interests of workers, the unemployed, consumers, and overall wellbeing. Read more

Media release
7 May, 2021

Why rent controls won't fix the housing crisis

Senior Fellow Dr David Law and Renters' United spokesperson Ashok Jacok discuss their views on rent controls on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme. The government's housing package, released last month, primarily focused on measures to dampen housing demand, particularly from those who provide rental services, rather than the key drivers of inadequate housing supply. Read more

Dr David Law
Morning Report - Radio NZ
30 April, 2021

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