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Podcast: The Illusions of History

Dr Bryce Wilkinson and Emeritus Professor Gary Hawke join Ben Craven to discuss Bryce’s latest report, The Illusions of History: How misunderstanding the past jeopardises our future. The trio look at some of the prevailing myths of New Zealand’s economic history, and explain the risks of basing contemporary public policy on inaccurate stories of our past. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Emeritus Professor Gary Hawke
14 October, 2021
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Mike Hosking reviews Roger Partridge's NZ Herald article on the government's response to the Covid Delta outbreak

On Newstalk ZB, Mike Hosking reviews and reads out parts of Roger Partridge's latest NZ Herald article "Covid Delta outbreak: An end to New Zealand exceptionalism". Roger says If Auckland takes the full eight weeks to work its way through the Government’s “three-step plan” for Alert Level 3, 1.6 million Kiwis will have endured amongst the world’s strictest restrictions for more than half a year. Read more

Roger Partridge
Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking Breakfast
13 October, 2021

Media release: Requisitioning a step too far - NZ Initiative

Wellington (Tuesday, 12 October 2021) – The New Zealand Initiative is urging the Government to substantially reconsider a provision in the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No. 2) that would allow it to commandeer private Covid testing facilities and equipment such as those of Rako Science. The egregious provision and its implications for New Zealand’s testing capability were the subject of the New Zealand Initiative’s submission on the Bill. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Media release
12 October, 2021

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