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Mike Hosking reviews Roger Partridge' NZ Herald article on the Governments' Covid strategy

Mike Hosking reads out Roger Partridges' opinion piece (published in the NZ Herald) about why the Government can't drive covid strategy by looking backwards. Roger points out that looking back at what worked on the early part of the Covid journey may not help with what is in front of us now and looking backwards is a big part of New Zealand's current predicament. Read more

Roger Partridge
Newstalk ZB- Mike Hosking Breakfast
2 September, 2021

Media release: Personal budgets transforming lives of disabled Kiwis

Wellington (Friday, 27 August 2021): A new report by the New Zealand Initiative says personal budgets are a social services innovation that is creating new opportunities and changing how disabled Kiwis live. The report, titled The Power of Freedom: How personal budgets for social services are transforming lives, compares outcomes from traditional support services to the Individualised Funding (“IF”) model for disability support. Read more

Matt Burgess
Media release
27 August, 2021
Cover Market Study

Submission: The Market study into the retail grocery sector draft report

This submission in response to the Commerce Commission’s (Commission) Market study into the retail grocery sector draft report, is made by The New Zealand Initiative (the Initiative), a think tank supported primarily by major New Zealand businesses. In combination, our members employ more than 150,000 people. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Matt Burgess
26 August, 2021

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