Podcast: Australia vs. New Zealand: Where to Thrive?

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
9 May, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode, the Initiative’s economists – Dr Oliver Hartwich, Dr Eric Crampton, Dr Tony Burton, and Dr Bryce Wilkinson – dive into the debate over whether Australia is a better option for skilled talent.

They discuss the current challenges faced by New Zealand in terms of health, education, and infrastructure, and how the nation's performance is deteriorating relative to Australia. With both countries vying for the best talent, the experts analyse the impact of increased public spending without seeing significant benefits in crucial areas. They also address the unaffordable housing crisis and the role of central and local governments in land use planning. Finally, they explore the pathway to citizenship for Kiwis in Australia and debate whether the government is the solution or the problem. Join us for a riveting conversation that will leave you questioning where you'd rather be.

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