Prescription for Prosperity cover

Prescription For Prosperity: 2023 Briefing to the Incoming Government

As the nation prepares to vote on 14 October, the sentiment across New Zealand is one of frustration and concern. Skyrocketing living costs, unaffordable housing, strained healthcare, and a growing educational gap are the voices of a country looking for change. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Roger Partridge
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Dr Michael Johnston
Dr Matthew Birchall
Briar Lipson
Emeritus Professor Des Gorman
Dr Murray Horn
Research Report
24 August, 2023
Lifeline for Health cover

Lifeline for Health: Meeting New Zealand’s need for General Practitioners

New Zealand's general medical practitioners (GPs) are facing a crisis, with a workforce shortage set to worsen over the next decade unless immediate action is taken to support workforce expansion and development. The health of all New Zealanders and the delivery of top-tier healthcare heavily relies on community-based medical care, mainly provided by Specialist GPs and multi-disciplinary health care teams. The introduction of an "accountability-free capitation" has seemingly driven a decline in the hours GPs work by creating a financial incentive to minimize patient service costs, and analyses indicate a significant decrease in the GP to population ratio, and a decline in GP work hours. Read more

Emeritus Professor Des Gorman
Dr Murray Horn
Research Report
9 August, 2023
Blessing or Bloat cover

Blessing or Bloat? Non-Academic Staffing in New Zealand Universities in Comparative Perspective

‘Administrative bloat’ – the idea that universities have too many administrators – is hot topic in debates around higher education in the US and elsewhere. Is there a similar problem in New Zealand universities? Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Dr James Kierstead
Research Report
1 August, 2023
2022 Annual Report cover

2022 Annual Report

2022 marked a turning point in New Zealand’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The country reopened to international visitors in the middle of the year, and by the year’s end, most sectors of the economy got back to something close to business as usual. Read more

1 April, 2023
No Evidence No Evaluation No Exit cover

No Evidence, No Evaluation, No Exit - Lessons from the 'Modern Learning Environments' experiment

In 2011 the Ministry of Education embarked on a ten-year strategy to rejuvenate New Zealand’s aging classroom estate. Part of this strategy involved establishing large, open plan classrooms, populated by many more children than are found in cellular classrooms. The Ministry conducted no research on the effects of these ‘Modern learning Environments’ on students’ learning prior to compelling schools to adopt them. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
20 September, 2022

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