Irish Secrets: An Irish lesson in prosperity

Dr Oliver Hartwich
31 October, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of our groundbreaking report, Irish Secrets - An Irish lesson in prosperity.


Written by Dr Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director of The New Zealand Initiative, and featuring a foreword by Fraser Whineray, head of the delegation to Ireland, this report summarises what New Zealand can learn from Ireland.


Education for all: Our research lays bare the stark contrast between New Zealand and Ireland in the sphere of education, offering lessons we can learn to ensure equitable access to quality education for everyone in New Zealand.


Openness to foreign direct investment: Discover why Ireland is outpacing us in attracting global capital and what we can do to make New Zealand equally appealing to foreign investors.


A business-friendly culture: Learn how Ireland’s open and welcoming business environment has made it a beacon for multinational companies, and how we can adopt similar practices here at home.


In sum, our report explains what New Zealand can borrow from Ireland’s playbook to become more competitive and prosperous. We invite policymakers, business leaders, and the general public to discuss these important issues with us.


Read the report and find out what New Zealand can learn from Ireland's success. 

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