Submission Criminalisation of Cartels cover

Submission: Commerce (Criminalisation of Cartels) Amendment Bill

This submission on the Commerce (Criminalisation of Cartels) Amendment Bill (the Bill) is made by The New Zealand Initiative, a think tank supported primarily by chief executives of major New Zealand businesses. In combination, our members’ revenues account for one third of New Zealand’s economy and provide employment to more than 150,000 people in New Zealand. Read more

Roger Partridge
5 April, 2018
Submission Spending Cap Peoples Veto Bill cover

Submission: Spending Cap (People's Veto) Bill

A submission on the Spending Cap (People's Veto) Bill to require a voter referendum to approve any real per capita increase in core Crown operating spending and proposed strengthening measures. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
2 December, 2011
Submission Regulatory Standards Bill

Submission: Regulatory Standards Bill

The Taskforce has produced a report and draft Bill of exceptional quality. The Bill provides the best current option for improving regulatory quality, even though on its own it is no panacea. Read more

New Zealand Business Roundtable
16 August, 2011

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