Switched on! Achieving a green, affordable and reliable energy future

28 March, 2019

The coalition government has committed New Zealand to a goal of generating 100% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2035.

Renewables already account for 83% of our electricity, and on current trends will generate up to 97% of our electricity in 2035 without any help from policy changes.

However, as Matt Burgess shows in this report, the last 3% through to 100% renewables share will be tremendously expensive, and could raise greenhouse gas emissions.

New Zealand’s electricity is secure, affordable and among the cleanest in the OECD countries. Renewable energy has flourished in a system that for more than 30 years has operated at
arm’s length from elected governments – until now.

Switched on! points out what New Zealand should do – and what it must avoid – to transition to a renewable energy future.

Click here to download the two-page summary of Switched on! Achieving a green, affordable and reliable energy future.

About the author
Matt Burgess is a Research Fellow. He was Senior Economic Advisor to a former Minister of Finance, a Chief Executive of iPredict, and a Senior Associate at consultants Charles River Associates.

He has a Master of Commerce in economics with first class honours from the University of Canterbury and a Bachelor of Commerce in economics and mathematics.


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