Podcast: Vocational education and training

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Michael Johnston
Professor Dr Antje Barabasch
30 March, 2023

In this week’s podcast, Oliver Hartwich and Michael Johnston are joined by visiting professor Dr Antje Barabasch to discuss vocational education and training, the Swiss dual education system, and the differences with the New Zealand system.

Professor Dr Antje Barabasch is head of the research axe “Teaching and Learning in VET” and the research field “Learning cultures and instruction”. Prior to her position at the Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET) she worked at CEDEFOP, an agency of the European Commission, and directed various European research projects. Today, her research is concerned with new learning cultures in VET, especially in enterprises, creativity development and creative approaches to VET, teacher training as well as policy transfer in VET.

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