Podcast: Planning urban futures

Dr Eric Crampton
Nadine Dodge, Peter Nunns
17 May, 2023

Tune into this riveting podcast for a deep-dive into the world of urban planning and infrastructure development in New Zealand!

Chief economist Eric Crampton is joined by the Infrastructure Commission’s Nadine Dodge and Peter Nunns to grapple with the complex yet fascinating concept of corridor protection and how foresight is essential to avoid future urban development headaches. Be ready to learn about the unexpected areas impacted by planning, including schools, transportation, and even supermarkets. Hear about how inadequate planning can spiral into manifold issues including overcrowded schools and insufficient facilities for growing communities.

They also explore the intriguing potential of flexible zoning to foster competition. Plus, there's a thought-provoking discussion on the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development, and the potential implications this could have. This conversation underlines the critical importance of proactive, wide-ranging urban planning to accommodate future population growth and evolving community needs. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation!

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