Mike Hosking reviews Roger Partridge's NZ Herald article on the government's response to the Covid Delta outbreak

Roger Partridge
Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking Breakfast
13 October, 2021

On Newstalk ZB,  Mike Hosking reviews and reads out parts of Roger Partridge's latest NZ Herald article "Covid Delta outbreak: An end to New Zealand exceptionalism".  Roger says If Auckland takes the full eight weeks to work its way through the Government’s “three-step plan” for Alert Level 3, 1.6 million Kiwis will have endured amongst the world’s strictest restrictions for more than half a year.

He points out that two Governments decisions – or, rather, indecisions – bear most of the blame. First, the lack of urgency with the vaccine rollout. Secondly, the failure to bolster our healthcare system. Had better decisions been taken last year in these two areas, New Zealanders might now be enjoying the freedoms of countries like Denmark.

Roger's NZ Herald article can be read here.



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