Webinar: Why New Zealand needs better Covid testing systems, with Dr Anne Wyllie

28 September, 2021

Saliva-based PCR tests are an efficient, less intrusive, and accurate alternative to COVID-19 deep nasal swabs.

Dr Anne Wyllie, a New Zealand-born researcher at Yale University, led the development of Yale’s SalivaDirect test authorised for use in the USA, and independently validated in Portugal, Mexico, Ireland and the Philippines.

Dr Wyllie will join the New Zealand Initiative’s Dr Oliver Hartwich and Dr Eric Crampton for a public Zoom webinar on New Zealand’s COVID-19 response, and how we can better manage the pandemic.

Please join us for this informative event.

Event details:
Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm
Date: Tuesday, 28 September
Registration: Please register for this event via Zoom.

We encourage you to ask questions you have through Slido.

The access code for our event is: #466150

About the speaker
Dr Anne Wyllie is a Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases) at the Yale School of Public Health in the USA. She studied at the University of Auckland before completing her PhD at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

Dr Wyllie is best known for saliva testing. Her discoveries in 2020 led to Yale receiving “emergency use authorisation” from the US Food and Drug Administration that allowed Dr Wyllie’s saliva-based COVID-19 tests to be legally used throughout the USA.

This year, Dr Wyllie was the recipient of Yale University’s COVID-19 Research Award. 

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