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In praise of aspiring ‘influencers’

Content creators are the fastest growing type of small business worldwide. Today, over 50 million people consider themselves 'influencers' on social media. Read more

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19 November, 2021
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Now for the real news

Public relations is poorly understood. Much of that is due to the dramas and sitcoms detailing wild story arcs of spin doctors, the dark arts, and political influence. Read more

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15 October, 2021
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Amateur hour

If you want to know everything about ancient Egypt, read a magazine article about it. If you want to know a little less, read a book. Read more

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1 October, 2021
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Human Misjudgement of Experts

The process of decision-making is complex. Furthermore, its significance transcends both the private and public sectors, and is crucial not just in politics. Read more

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24 September, 2021

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