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Media release: The New Zealand Initiative Warns Against Misguided Media Legislation

Wellington (Wednesday, 10 July 2024) - The New Zealand Initiative is urging the government to abandon the Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill, warning that the proposed legislation could harm the very news organisations it aims to help. In a new research note, the Initiative argues that the bill, which would require large digital platforms to negotiate payment for news content with New Zealand media companies, is based on flawed premises and risks significant unintended consequences. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
10 July, 2024
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Media release: The New Zealand Initiative Releases Major Report On Transport Funding Reform

Wellington (Tuesday, 9 July 2024) - The New Zealand Initiative’s report proposes a comprehensive reform of the country's transport funding model. The report, Driving Change: How Road Pricing Can Improve Our Roads, authored by Senior Fellow Dr Matthew Birchall, argues that the current fuel tax based system is outdated and unfair. Read more

Dr Matthew Birchall
9 July, 2024

The Platform: Dr Michael Johnston talks to Michael Laws about Teacher Training and Education Reform

Dr Michael Johnston talks to Michael Laws on The Platform about issues in teacher education in New Zealand. He discusses his role on the Ministerial Advisory Group for curriculum reform and argues that university-based teacher training programs are not effectively preparing teachers, with an overemphasis on sociology and insufficient focus on educational psychology and practical teaching skills. Read more

Michael Laws
The Platform
24 June, 2024

Webinar: AI in Education: Navigating the opportunities and risks

The New Zealand Initiative's Executive Director Oliver Hartwich interviews Senior Fellow Michael Johnston about his report Welcome to the Machine: The opportunities and risks of generative Artificial Intelligence for Education. Special guest Professor Barbara Oakley also joins their discussion. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Michael Johnston
Professor Professor Barbara Oakley
20 June, 2024
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Media release: New Research on the Opportunities and Risks of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Education

EMBARGOED UNTIL 12.00 PM, MONDAY 17 JUNE Wellington (Monday, 17 June 2024) - A new report from The New Zealand Initiative calls for a science-based approach to using artificial intelligence (AI) in classrooms. This will help schools get the most out of AI while reducing risks to teaching and learning. The report, Welcome to the Machine: Opportunities and Risks of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Education, written by Senior Fellow Dr Michael Johnston, will help educators and policymakers navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in education. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
17 June, 2024

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