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Stephanie Martin

Adjunct Fellow

Stephanie graduated with a Masters degree in Ancient History from the University of Auckland in 2016 and subsequently went on to complete a Masters of Teaching (Primary). Throughout her studies she held positions as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Lecturer.

Since then she has been a primary school teacher. In this role she has seen first-hand how many children are struggling in our education system. She served as a University Liaison Lecturer and contributed to ongoing innovations to the Masters of Teaching before it was suspended in 2019. She completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology in 2022. 

At the Initiative Stephanie builds on her work in the classroom. She develops evidence-informed policy advice to improve teaching and learning in our schools, especially for those who are not currently thriving. 


Recent Work

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Podcast: Teacher education

Dr Michael Johnston talks to Maryanne Spurdle, Researcher at the Maxim Institute, and Stephanie Martin, Adjunct Fellow at NZ Initiative, about teacher education. To listen to our latest podcasts, please subscribe to The New Zealand Initiative podcast on iTunes, Spotify or The Podcast App. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Maryanne Spurdle
6 October, 2023

Podcast: Issues With Teacher Training

Dr. Michael Johnston is joined by Adjunct Fellow Stephanie Martin and Dr. Kevin Knight, founder and owner of the New Zealand Graduate School of Education in Christchurch, for a discussion about the issues currently facing the training of our teachers. The New Zealand Initiative · EPS. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Dr Kevin Knight
14 September, 2023

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