Media release: Government’s planned Pharmac review a sideshow

The Government’s announcement of a review into Pharmac declares that its budget, and the total amount allocated to pharmaceuticals, will be out of scope. This ignores the most serious weakness with current arrangements: that no one really knows whether they are improving health outcomes, let alone the well-being of New Zealanders, according to a substantial report, Pharmac: The right prescription? Read more

Media release
2 March, 2021

Media release: ​New report highlights how our housing crisis could worsen if we don’t act now

Wellington, 22 February 2021 – If New Zealand politicians thought the housing crisis in 2020 was bad, the worst is yet to come, warns a new report by The New Zealand Initiative. In The Need to Build: The demographic drivers of housing demand, Research Assistant Leonard Hong modelled 36 scenarios and found that New Zealand’s population gets older and larger by 2038. Read more

Media release
23 February, 2021
Building house

Leonard Hong explains the need to build if we want to fix the housing crisis

In his new report, The Need to Build: The demographic drivers of housing demand, Leonard Hong highlights New Zealand's housing crisis and explains why it is imperative to build now and to build fast. He spoke on Radio New Zealand's Morning Report about how demographic changes (such as population growth, ageing, and birth rates) mean that New Zealand will need far more dwellings than are currently being built. Read more

Radio New Zealand - Morning Report
23 February, 2021
Key in door housing

New report says the current housing crisis is the tip of the iceberg

We are not building enough to meet the looming demographic changes and demands. In his interview on The AM Show, Leonard Hong highlighted findings from his report, The Need to Build: The demographic drivers of housing demand, which says policymakers should stop blaming the housing crisis on migration and speculation and instead find policy solutions to free up urban development and housing supply. Read more

The AM Show
23 February, 2021
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Leonard Hong on why we need to build far more than we expect

Leonard Hong discusses the findings of his new report "The Need to build - the demographic drivers of housing demand" with Kate Hawkesby on Newstalk ZB. He explains that with New Zealand's population changes, we need to be build close to 20,000 dwellings annually for the next 20 years (even with zero net migration). Read more

Kate Hawkesby - Newstalk ZB
23 February, 2021

Government urged to ease building restrictions to help fix housing crisis

There are calls for the Government to ease building restrictions if we want even a chance of fixing the housing crisis. The New Zealand Initiative report "The need to build - the demographic drivers of housing demand" shows population growth will require an extra 30-thousand homes per year. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Mike Hosking - Breakfast, Newstalk ZB
23 February, 2021
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Eric Crampton and Leon Grice discuss saliva-based PCR testing for Covid-19

New, accurate, and rapid saliva-based PCR testing for Covid-19 has started to be used in New Zealand, after being validated by the University of Illinois in 2020. The New Zealand Initiative Chief Economist, Dr Eric Crampton, and Rako Science Executive Director, Leon Grice, discuss the benefits of this test and how it makes daily testing possible for those who work at the New Zealand border. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Leon Grice
19 February, 2021
KiwiBuild v2

RMA to be replaced by three new laws

The Government announced that the Resource Management act is going to be scrapped and replaced with three new laws. Bryce Wilkinson talks to Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ about why the RMA was no longer fit for purpose and how the new laws can address the issues that are left in its wake. Read more

Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan - Radio NZ
10 February, 2021
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Government's response to Climate Change Commission's report

In this Magic Talk interview, Dr Oliver Hartwich shares his thoughts about the Government's response to the recent Climate Change Commission's report, which outlined a path to achieve more ambitious greenhouse gas reductions. 


The New Zealand Initiative · Government's response to Climate Change Commission's report Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Magic Talk
1 February, 2021

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