Webinar recording: Blessing or Bloat?

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr James Kierstead
Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin
2 August, 2023

Public webinar: Blessing or Bloat? Non-academic staffing in New Zealand universities in comparative perspective

New Zealand universities are in crisis. Vice-chancellors are facing tough decisions about how many academics they can afford to lose in a competitive global market for talent.
Our new report Blessing or Bloat? Non-Academic staffing in New Zealand universities in comparative perspective, co-authored by Drs James Kierstead and Michael Johnston, reveals that the majority of staff at New Zealand’s universities are non-academics. What’s more, New Zealand universities have the highest ratio of non-academics to academics in the English-speaking world.
Join Dr Kierstead, New Zealand Initiative Director Dr Oliver Hartwich, and Massey University Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin for this webinar launching the report. The panellists will dive into the level and nature of administrative staffing at our universities and discuss the implications for the future of higher education in New Zealand.

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