Calls for the Ministry of Education to adopt a new school performance tool

Dr Eric Crampton
TVNZ Breakfast
9 March, 2020

On TVNZ Breakfast, John Campbell talks to our Chief Economist Eric Crampton and Southern Cross Campus Principal Robin Staples about our new report presenting a groundbreaking new tool for measuring school performance objectively and fairly.

In Insights and Excellence: School success in New Zealand, we present three case studies showing how three secondary schools, including Southern Cross Campus, performed before and after our tool separated the contribution of family background from the contribution of each school.

The three case studies provide a more accurate and fairer picture of the schools’ performance over time and in relation to all other secondary schools in New Zealand.

Our report demonstrates that the Ministry of Education now has the opportunity to identify the high-performing schools – regardless of decile – and learn about the most effective practices for getting the best education outcomes for every student.

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