Podcast: Unlocking New Zealand's Potential

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Damien Grant
7 August, 2023

Join us for a discussion as we dive deep into the heart of New Zealand's economic landscape with special guest Damien Grant, a renowned business commentator and liquidator. In this episode, host Oliver Hartwich guides us through a candid conversation covering a range of topics, from the challenges of economic reform to the role of government in education and healthcare.

Damien Grant pulls no punches as he shares his unfiltered opinions on the need for radical change in New Zealand's policies. With captivating anecdotes and a sprinkle of optimism, Damien explores why transformational change is both critical and possible, even in the face of institutionalised norms. Whether you're a policy enthusiast, a business aficionado, or simply curious about the future of New Zealand's economic landscape, this episode promises to leave you inspired and engaged.

Tune in to gain fresh insights and a renewed perspective on the potential for economic reform, as we navigate the captivating discourse between Oliver Hartwich and Damien Grant.

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