Jacinda Ardern under fire for refusing to be held accountable

Dr Oliver Hartwich
2GB Drive
6 December, 2022

Jacinda Ardern is under fire for refusing to be held accountable on multiple controversies.

Recent polling has showed a significant drop in support for New Zealand’s left-wing Prime Minister.

Executive Director of The New Zealand Initiative Dr Oliver Hartwich told Luke Grant Jacinda Ardern campaigned on leading a transparent government, but has been the complete opposite.

“She is not transparent, and makes it really difficult for journalists to do their job.

“All Prime Minister’s in the past have turned up on Newstalk ZB with Mike Hosking, the country’s most popular radio program.

“But Jacinda Ardern has decided she didn’t want to do it anymore, she simply wasn’t up to it, as she couldn’t handle the hard questions.”

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