David Law discusses education funding and student performance

The AM Show
2 March, 2021

A well-functioning education system is vital to equip our children for life.

Educational Performance and Funding in New Zealand: Are our children getting the education they deserve? takes a closer look at the evidence on New Zealand students’ educational achievement and examines whether a lack of funding may be playing a role.

Senior Fellow Dr David Law spoke on The AM Show and discussed the surprising finding that New Zealand’s per-pupil spending on both primary and secondary students had increased substantially while our education performance was in decline.

He says the rate of growth was such that per-pupil spending on primary students increased from 76.9% to 93.9% of the OECD average between 2006 and 2017. For secondary students, spending increased from 75.5% to 105.4% of the OECD average over the same period.

Watch the full interview below:


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