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Nanaia Mahuta

Mahuta on Three Waters

This week, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta recorded a lengthy podcast with the Taxpayers’ Union. If you missed it, or do not want to spend 32 minutes unpicking platitudes, here is a summary: Taxpayers’ Union: How does taking water assets off councils save money? Read more

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12 November, 2021
water sink tap

Three Waters needs to be on a commercial footing

The government’s Three Waters reform aims to make sure Kiwis have access to safe drinking water, and to close an investment gap worth $185 billion. Another crucial matter for the reform, which has received little attention so far, is housing affordability. Read more

NZ Herald
2 November, 2021
Water tap v4

How to fix three waters

Constitutional progress usually start with a bad government. Back in the 13th century, King John lost wars and paid for them by taking his subjects’ property. Read more

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28 October, 2021

Media release: Improved housing policy enthusiastically welcomed

Wellington (Tuesday, 19 October 2021) – Today, the Government took a significant step toward restoring housing affordability. The New Zealand Initiative enthusiastically welcomed the announcement, supported by Labour and National, of a broad upzoning across urban centres where housing is terribly unaffordable. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Media release
19 October, 2021

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