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Joel Hernandez on the state of schooling in NZ

Policy Analyst Joel Hernandez spoke to The Project about his research on the state of schooling in New Zealand, which looked at the effectiveness across state, state-integrated, and private schools. In his report, Joel said in order to improve our education system, the Ministry of Education must learn which schools are bucking the trend and overcoming socioeconomic barriers. Read more

The Project
12 April, 2021
Treaty of Waitangi

Unbalanced compulsory NZ history curriculum lacks humanity

Eighteen months ago, the Government announced a curriculum change making it compulsory for all schools to teach “key aspects” of New Zealand history. The Ministry of Education was tasked with creating a new curriculum to “span the full range of New Zealanders’ experiences… with contemporary issues directly linked to major events of the past.” Asking the Ministry of Education to draft a compulsory New Zealand History curriculum for school children was always fraught with risk. Read more

Roger Partridge
Bowalley Road
27 March, 2021
Education v3

Better late than never

Since 2013, the Ministry of Education has spent $747.7 million on building, upgrading, and maintaining modern learning environments (MLEs). And yet, with nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars spent, the Ministry is only now starting to evaluate MLEs, eight years after their implementation. Read more

Insights Newsletter
18 March, 2021
David round green FINAL

Podcast: David Law discusses education spending and performance in NZ

Following the release of our latest report, Educational Performance and Funding in New Zealand: Are our children getting the education they deserve? Senior Fellow and co-author of the report Dr David Law delves into the results and explains that a high level of education spending doesn't always equate to a high level of performance in our schools. Read more

Dr David Law
4 March, 2021
Classroom student v2

The education they deserve

In the last twelve months, there have been a growing number of stories about New Zealand’s educational decline. Stories of falling mathematics performance and illiterate teenagers in the media make for grim reading. Read more

Insights Newsletter
4 March, 2021

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