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Gratuitous hardship

In rugby, injuries are all too common. Yet we can be certain that 15 players will start for the All Blacks in their next test. Read more

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25 March, 2022
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Pretence of Necessity

At May’s Budget, the government will commit $4.5 billion to new spending on climate change, more than $2,000 per household. The government will also deliver its Emissions Reduction Plan, an array of levies, subsidies, regulations and hard bans. Read more

21 March, 2022

Media Release: Expensive climate policies have "no effect on emissions" – report

Wellington (Tuesday, 22 March 2022) – New Zealand is already on track to its emissions targets and the government’s new climate change policies will have almost no effect on emissions, says a new report by public policy think tank The New Zealand Initiative. The report, Pretence of Necessity by Senior Economist Matt Burgess, shows that existing policies are enough and further policies are optional but not necessary to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Read more

Media release
21 March, 2022

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