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Cover Submission on the Emissions Reduction Plan

Submission: The Emission Reduction Plan

This submission in response to the Emissions Reduction Plan supports the Zero Carbon Act’s goal of attaining net zero by 2050. We urge a greater focus on the Emissions Trading Scheme, enabling carbon prices to do more of the work in getting New Zealand to Net Zero, and avoiding policies that put net zero at risk by forcing higher-cost emission reduction strategies. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
27 June, 2022

Why I need an SUV in the city: The importance of the 'sympathetic principle'

Tune in to enough climate change events in Wellington, and you’re bound to hear someone claim that nobody living in a city needs an SUV. Leave aside for now that fuel companies must hand in carbon credits through the Emissions Trading Scheme to cover every bit of carbon dioxide coming from tailpipes. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The Dominion Post
30 May, 2022

Podcast: The Emissions Reductions Plan and transport

Chelsy Killick talks with Eric Crampton and Oliver Hartwich on the Government’s Emissions Reductions Plan and what it will mean for transport. To listen to our latest podcasts, please subscribe to The New Zealand Initiative podcast on iTunes, Spotify or The Podcast App. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Chelsy Killick
Dr Eric Crampton
17 May, 2022

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