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water leak

Time to restructure Wellington Water to fix the region’s creaking pipes

When Wellington Airport installed licence plate readers to streamline parking and passenger pickup and drop-off, it did not have to beg Wellington City Council to find room in the council’s 10-year plan for funding. Though partially council-owned, the Airport funds its own operations out of its own revenues and makes its own decisions. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The Post
25 November, 2023
Houses Wellington

On the housing crisis Labour and National need to grow up (and grow out)

Housing crisis makes growth all about ‘up-and-out’ not ‘up-or-out’ If you want affordable housing, it isn’t a choice between whether people should be able to build townhouses and apartments downtown or subdivisions at the city’s fringes. Cities need to be able to grow in all directions, guided by where people want to live and the cost of providing infrastructure. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
6 June, 2023

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