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Nanaia Mahuta

Mahuta on Three Waters

This week, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta recorded a lengthy podcast with the Taxpayers’ Union. If you missed it, or do not want to spend 32 minutes unpicking platitudes, here is a summary: Taxpayers’ Union: How does taking water assets off councils save money? Read more

Insights Newsletter
12 November, 2021
water sink tap

Three Waters needs to be on a commercial footing

The government’s Three Waters reform aims to make sure Kiwis have access to safe drinking water, and to close an investment gap worth $185 billion. Another crucial matter for the reform, which has received little attention so far, is housing affordability. Read more

NZ Herald
2 November, 2021
Water tap v4

How to fix three waters

Constitutional progress usually start with a bad government. Back in the 13th century, King John lost wars and paid for them by taking his subjects’ property. Read more

Insights Newsletter
28 October, 2021

Media release: Improved housing policy enthusiastically welcomed

Wellington (Tuesday, 19 October 2021) – Today, the Government took a significant step toward restoring housing affordability. The New Zealand Initiative enthusiastically welcomed the announcement, supported by Labour and National, of a broad upzoning across urban centres where housing is terribly unaffordable. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
Media release
19 October, 2021

Fixing local government is a slow-burning issue

In 1996, Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash highlighted the political importance of speed in the 1980s reform agenda. Drawing on an earlier speech by Sir Roger Douglas, he noted that “opponents’ fire is much less accurate if they have to shoot at a rapidly moving target.” Policy over the past two years have moved at similar pace, but rather less coherently, and in the middle of a global pandemic that also requires at least some minor attention from the ministries. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
The Dominion Post
18 October, 2021

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