West Virginia

3 October, 2019

Current Status: Medical use only


2017: Medical cannabis legalised
2018: Medical cannabis laws go into effect
2020: Sales begin

Policy Framework:

  • Patient and caregiver identification cards must be issued to patients wishing to obtain medical cannabis;
  • Patients must have a qualifying condition in order to obtain medical cannabis (there are 18 listed);
  • Doctors must be certified before they can prescribe cannabis;
  • Home cultivation is not allowed;
  • No more than 100 dispensaries will exist in West Virginia, with a limit of only 10 grower permits;
  • Registration fees for dispensaries cost $US10,000 and registration fees for growers/cultivators cost $US50,000;
  • 10% sales tax;
  • Patients will be able to possess more than a 30-day supply as prescribed by a doctor.


  • Between 2005 and 2017, cannabis use disorder in people over the age of 12, decreased from 1.9% to 1.3%.

 West Virginia2


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