1 September, 2019

Status: Prohibited for all purposes (although, legalising cannabis for medical use is being considered)


2014: The state allowed a clinical trial of CBD (cannabidiol) oil to treat debilitating seizures at the University of Alabama

2012-2017: Failed attempts to legalise medical cannabis

Policy Framework: 

  • Possession of cannabis for personal use is a misdemeanour for first-time offenders with a maximum penalty of a year of jail-time and a $US6000 fine;
  • Repeat offenders and possession with intent to sell is a felony;
  • Sale to a minor by someone under 18 is a felony with a maximum penalty of 10years - life in prison and up to a $US60,000 fine. 


  • In 2016, 92% of Cannabis arrests were for possession for personal use;
  • Black people were four times as likely as white people to be arrested for cannabis possession despite robust evidence that black and white people consume cannabis at roughly the same rate in Alabama;
  • In 2016, police made more arrests for cannabis possession (2351) than for robbery (1314) even though there were 4557 reported robberies;
  • Cannabis abuse disorder rates in people in Alabama above the age of 12 decreased between the 2005 and 2017 (from 1.5% to 1.1%).



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