Podcast: NCEA and the school curriculum

Dr Michael Johnston
Bali Haque
16 May, 2023

Welcome to the New Zealand Initiative podcast! In this episode, Michael Johnston has a fascinating conversation with Bali Haque, an experienced educator who has held various roles in the education sector. Bali is a well-respected educator, having worked as a teacher, principal, and national education agency executive in New Zealand.

This engaging discussion delves into Bali's experiences as Deputy Chief Executive at NZQA, particularly focusing on the reforms to NCEA he oversaw.

Bali shares his insights into the cultural and ideological dynamics of the education sector, highlighting the tension between formative and summative assessment and the challenge of maintaining credibility in the face of public expectations.

Join us for an insightful conversation as we explore the complexities of education reform and the ongoing quest for an effective and credible education system in New Zealand.

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