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23 June, 2023

Too many minutes are lost every day pondering trivial matters. We think too much about who the next Prime Minister might be, how crime is hurting our businesses or whether our children are being taught the skills they need at school.
Thankfully, on Sunday night, New Zealand’s most important public official – Ian Foster, protector of the realm, decider of fates – appeared on our TV screens with a timely reminder of what really matters.
Had you forgotten? The World Cup is less than three months away and the first All Blacks squad of 2023 has just been named. It is undoubtedly the most important news story of the year so far.
Yes, we all enjoy gossiping about which Chris will be picked to the country. But Dallas McLeod has been picked as an option at centre when he might struggle to get into a fully fit Crusaders team, let alone the All Blacks!
You might be fretting, if you’re a small business owner, over whether you’re in danger of being ram-raided. It’s tempting to spend time worrying that your life may be threatened by a group of teenagers for the sake of a pack of cigarettes and an energy drink.
But consider how little these concerns are of consequence compared with Shaun Stevenson being robbed, in broad daylight, of a place in the squad. Sure, he’s injury cover, but didn’t he deserve more recognition for the season he’s just had?
These are the issues that really matter in New Zealand. It is high time that we abandoned our fascination for “politics”, “current affairs” and “our children’s futures”. We must focus on how the hell we’re supposed to stop Antoine Dupont from scoring four tries on the 8th of September.
Don't ask why our kids aren’t learning to read and write at school. Instead, ask yourself: why doesn’t my eight-year-old know how to jackal and counter-ruck yet? Rugby World Cup 2035 is just around the corner and the blindside flanker spot is wide open!
Forget about elections, the economy and unruly backbenchers. Between now and the World Cup, it should all be about back rows.

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