Think tank says NZ was 'woefully underprepared' for Covid

Emeritus Professor Des Gorman
Radio NZ - Morning Report
20 April, 2023

On the same day the police watchdog's report into the force's handling of last year's protest and three-week occupation of parliament is being released, a think tank's report into the government's Covid-19 response has found it overly political, lacking adaptability and agility, and needing more transparency. The study called Lifting the Lid: A Critical Analysis of the Covid-19 Pandemic Management in New Zealand and it has been published by The New Zealand Initiative, a pro-free-market think tank. It found Aotearoa was woefully underprepared for a contagious outbreak of this size and failed to capitalise on its geographical location to stem the spread. It goes as far as saying the initial outbreak could have been avoided entirely, but also offers recommendations on how to improve future responses. Auckland University emeritus professor of medicine Des Gorman is one of the lead authors, and he spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss.

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