Media Release: The New Zealand Initiative delivers policy manifesto to inform election debate

Media Release
3 April, 2017

Wellington (3 April 2017): Election years should be times in which the country debates policies and decides on its future. But to make this happen, voters need to be informed about the challenges New Zealand faces – and the choices we have.

To inform the election, The New Zealand Initiative has produced Manifesto 2017: What the next New Zealand government should do.

From education to better regulation, from housing to local government and from foreign direct investment to welfare, Manifesto 2017 is tackling the big social and economic issues affecting New Zealand. It does so in an easily accessible way, aimed to improve the general public’s understanding of our policy choices.

Authored by the Initiative’s executive director Dr Oliver Hartwich, Manifesto 2017 draws on the analysis and recommendations from more than 30 reports published since 2012.

Manifesto 2017 is a challenge to both the current government and the opposition,” says Executive Director Dr Oliver Hartwich.

“Are opposition parties genuinely interested in new ideas for evidence-based policy making? And is the government committed to further reforms or are they suffering from third-termitis?” 

“Politics is far too important to be left to politicians. Manifesto 2017 allows voters to understand the challenges New Zealand faces, and it makes practical recommendations to improve our country. It is up to voters to ask political candidates what they are going to do if elected.”

Over eight concise chapters, Manifesto 2017 identifies presents an overview of key policy areas. Recommendations in Manifesto 2017 include:

  • Incentivising councils for housing development
  • Improving teacher quality through better school management
  • Abolishing the Overseas Investment Act
  • Mandating cost-benefit analysis for all new regulations
  • Introducing social bonds as a new way to deliver social services

“It is immaterial to The New Zealand Initiative which parties will form the next Government. What matters to us who is going to take up the challenge to create a better New Zealand for all New Zealanders,” says Dr Hartwich.

You can view Manifesto 2017: What the next New Zealand government should doon our website.


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