2019 Insights Newsletters

6 January, 2020

Insights 47/ December 13: A year of delivery

Insights 46/ December 6: PISA backs teacher led learning | Freedom of speech | Scientific Literacy

Insights 45/ November 29: MBIE seats the unions |  Sustainable litigation  | One-up Australia

Insights 44/ November 22:  Ignorance is not bliss |  Getting wellbeing right  | Three cheers for no applause

Insights 43/November 15: The proposals for Tomorrow’s Schools |  Policing by consent  | Out of puff

Insights Extra/November 9: Socialism 2.0 - 30 years after the Wall

Insights 42/November 8: Zero Carbon Bill fails the climate |  The Price is Right  | Intense History

Insights 41/November 1: Lessons from Thuringia |  A Deep Origin of Illiteracy  | Public Health Priorities

Insights 40/October 25: Greta is right | Will the Grinch steal Brexit? | Saving our roads

Insights 39/October 18:  Let Sanity Prevail | In Praise of Scientific Evidence | The Tender Years

Insights 38/October 11: Rediscovering the West | Keep your (bit)coins | Extinction Rebellion

Insights 37/October 4: Anniversaries | Tiptoeing towards a national curriculum | Take Back The Clocks

Insights 36/September 27: In Fairness to Our Schools | Property rights and Ihumatao blues | Local Attention 

Insights 35/September 20: Administering monetary medicine | Looking-Glass Economics | Ms. Monopoly

Insights 34/September 13: When comedy meets ignorance | Kia Kaha te Reo Maori | Brenter

Insights 33/September 6: Durable institutions matter | Clearing the roads | Vape and mirrors

Insights 32/August 30: Speak your mind| Hands-on | Drinking freedom 

Insights 31/ August 23:  Housing despair | Living after midnight | We Prefer Potato!

Insights 30/August 16The Unreserved Bank | To Trial Or Not To Trial? What A Silly Question | Bad Stats Are Hard To Kill

Insights 29/August 9: The open society needs open minds | Fiscal pump priming | Creative monetary policy

Insights 28/August 2: Trans-Tasman monitoring | Education outcomes  | Jacob Rees-Mogg

Insights 27/July 26: Boris, a Cicero reincarnate | We all want safer roads | Job application

Insights 26/July 19: A Good Decision | Danish Lessons | Cat Posters And Wellbeing Budgets

Insights 25/July 12: Fair Pay Working Group fit to be forgotten | Growth to pay for itself | Getting what you wish

Insights 24/July 5: Core learning | Health and evidence-based policy | A conversation in Hades

Insights 23/June 28: Changing minds | Test before you leap | Finders, mostly not keepers

Insights 22/June 21: Learning by comparison | GDP and income growth essential | The winning move

Insights 21/June 14: From Kiwibuild to Kiwis Building | Let them have fun | The bright side of Brexit

Insights 20/June 7: Kudos to Winston Peters | Buckle up for the speed-limit debate | Barmy Britain

Insights 19/May 31: Delivering Wellbeing | Quantifying emissions policies | Penny for your thoughts

Insights 18/May 24: Why Huawei? | Fighting the whack-a-mole online battle | “Winter is Coming”

Insights 17/May 17: NCEA changes a welcome start | Financial stability and due scrutiny | Wisdom of Cows

Insights 16/May 10: Valuing the priceless | Free is expensive | Le cultural clash

Insights 15/May 3: Disagree more constructively | Opening the doors to NZ’s future | Dodgy stat

Insights 14/April 26: Pity the poor primary teachers | Pricing our way out | A parody of a Treasury

Insights 13/April 18: When Census does not go as planned | Unintended perils | Trump on everything

Insights 12/April 12: Learning how to learn | Decile debacle | Schrodinger’s Brexit soap opera

Insights 11/April 5: Hubs raise unanswered questions | Value of everything | Broadcasting anachronism

Insights 10/March 29: Chatham housing | Cut emissions, make polluters pay | In praise of role confusion

Insights 9/March 22: Time is relative, distance is too | Freedom, hubs and the curriculum

Insights Extra/March 18: They are us

Insights 8/March 15: Superstition beats science | Fair Pay Agreements a fair go? | Hipster nametags

Insights 7/March 8: Oh Canada | Faking a wellbeing focus? | Death and taxes… and other family matters

Insights 6/March 1: As Kiwi as pavlova | Missed opportunity on productivity | News that isn’t news

Insights 5/February 22: No time is money | Little gain of a broad CGT | Pot calling the kettle black?

Insights 4/February 15: Share the data | A better local treatment of equal unequals | The dangers of lawn bowls

Insights 3/February 8: Making KiwiBuild work | Excessive soundness is unsound | Pecunia non olet (money doesn't stink)

Insights 2/February 1: Being kind to the 4th Labour Government | Empowering students | Plastic bag eulogy

Insights 1/January 25: Poverty of inequality reports | KiwiBuild pretentious nonsense | Kia Ora 

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