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The New Zealand Initiative holds events throughout the year to promote debate, disseminate ideas, and connect with our supporters. Our events include public forums, conferences, and debates. We also organise outreach activities with secondary schools, universities, and young professionals.

Public Forums: The Initiative occasionally hosts larger public events with prominent international speakers. These events are a great opportunity to discuss ideas and meet new people in an informal setting.

Member-only Events: Exclusive to members to the Initiative.


Upcoming Public Forums


Members Events

retreatdinner2020 feature2

Members' Retreat Dinner 2020

The New Zealand Initiative is organising a dinner with Dr Bella d'Abrera in Auckland on Thursday 12 March 2020. About the speaker Dr Bella d’Abrera has a BA in History and Spanish from Monash University, an MA in Spanish from the University of St Andrews and a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge. Read more

12 March, 2020
  Member only event
Kirk and Oliver rectangle for web

A members' lunch with Kirk Hope, BusinessNZ & Oliver Hartwich, NZ Initiative

As a peak business advocacy group and a public policy think tank, BusinessNZ and The New Zealand Initiative are New Zealand’s pre-eminent business membership organisations that both follow and contribute to New Zealand’s debates. Join us for a lunchtime conversation with their leaders Kirk Hope and Oliver Hartwich on domestic and international challenges. Read more

15 November, 2019
  Member only event
Grant Robertson feature

Members' Lunch with Hon Grant Robertson (Wellington)

Fiscal policy has been at the core of the Government’s agenda this year, not least through the recommendations of the Tax Working Group and the first Wellbeing Budget. We are delighted that Minister of Finance Hon. Read more

7 October, 2019
  Member only event
Jonathan Haidt feature

Jonathan Haidt | Moral Psychology in an Age of Outrage (Auckland)

In 2012, US psychologist Jonathan Haidt rose to fame with the publication of his book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided on Politics and Religion. In its review, The New York Times called Haidt’s book “a landmark contribution to humanity’s understanding of itself.” It has since gained widespread praise from commentators left, right and centre (see here). Read more

1 August, 2019
DiscoverDenmark2019 feature

Discover Denmark: Business Delegation

Denmark is the destination for The New Zealand Initiative’s next business delegation. It follows in the footsteps of our 2017 mission to Switzerland, and it will once again provide opportunities to learn, to be surprised and to connect. Read more

23 June, 2019
  Member only event
BarbaraOakley feature

Lecture with Professor Barbara Oakley

Professor Barbara Oakley is the co-creator of the world’s most popular online course: Learning How To Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects, which has helped over 2 million people to improve the way they learn new things. In this event she will be discussing the science behind how we learn, and how we can apply this research in the classroom. Read more

1 May, 2019
tomorrows schools feature

Tomorrow's Schools panel discussion

The Faculty of Education at Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Initiative invite you to a moderated discussion involving representatives from the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce, academia, schools and boards of trustees. Together we will explore some of the assumptions on which the taskforce has based its findings and some possible consequences of its recommendations, intended and otherwise. Read more

1 April, 2019
retreat2019 feature

Members' Retreat 2019

Our Retreat is the chance to discuss social and economic issues with members and bring those issues to the attention of New Zealand’s leading politicians. Please contact Chelsy at chelsy.blair@nzinitiative.org.nz for further information. Read more

21 March, 2019
  Member only event
retreatdinner2019 feature

Members' Retreat Dinner 2019

In conjunction with Air New Zealand, we will be hosting a dinner with Rt Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, 2006 - 2015 in Auckland on 21 March 2019. Read more

21 March, 2019
  Member only event
Simon Bridges feature

Members' Lunch with Hon Simon Bridges

Having won the leadership of the National Party in March this year, Hon Simon Bridges has begun a process of policy renewal. We are hosting a lunchtime discussion with the Leader of the Opposition to find out where he wants to take his party and the country. Read more

13 September, 2018
  Member only event
NicolaWillis feature1

Members' Lunch with Nicola Willis

Nicola Willis will discuss her new portfolio of early childhood education. About the speaker Nicola Willis is a List MP based in Wellington and is National’s spokesperson for Early Childhood Education, having entered Parliament in April 2018. Read more

6 July, 2018
  Member only event
researchED Feature6

research-ED Festival of Education

We partnered with researchED to reignite evidence-based education in New Zealand. On Saturday 2nd June, over 240 passionate educators, parents, researchers and school trustees gathered at Auckland Grammar School to discuss the evidence on effective education. Read more

2 June, 2018

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