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Dr Oliver Hartwich

Executive Director

Oliver is the Executive Director of The New Zealand Initiative. Before joining the Initiative, he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, the Chief Economist at Policy Exchange in London, and an advisor in the UK House of Lords. Oliver holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business administration and a PhD in Law from Bochum University in Germany.

Oliver is available to comment on all of the Initiative’s research areas.

Latest reports:

Submission: A New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme (2022)
Policy Essay: Effective and affordable – Why the ETS is sufficient to deal with the climate emergency (2020)
Research Note: The Unreserved Bank of New Zealand: Why unorthodox monetary policy needs boundaries (2019)
#localismNZ: Bringing power to the people (2019)
Submission: Future of Tax (2018)
Submission: Overseas Investment Amendment Bill (2018)

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Phone: +64 4 499 0790


Recent Work

Jacinda Ardern

Rolling back reform

FIRST PUBLISHED OCT 31, 2022 Updated Jan 19, 2023 It is tempting to look at the usual economic indicators when evaluating a government’s performance at the end of a Prime Minister’s run ... employment, growth, inflation, and maybe the exchange rate. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The Australian
19 January, 2023
Oliver Martyn Bradbury podcast

Oliver Hartwich discusses the issues of the week with Martyn Bradbury

Oliver Hartwich joins Matthew Hooton and Damien Grant on The Working Groups Weekly Political Podcast hosted by Martyn Bradbury.

They discuss a range of issues including:

Issue 1 – New Zealand's manufactured recession
Issue 2 – The tough on crime rhetoric
Issue 3 – Three Waters entrenchment
Issue 4 – National to leave top tax rate
  Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
The Working Group Weekly Political Podcast
29 November, 2022
June Ranson square

Oliver Hartwich and Eric Crampton discuss NZ's immigration woes with June Ranson

New Zealand's immigration system is cracking under pressure. A lack of staff, a shambolic IT system, and new government policies that bamboozle applicants are creating unnecessary stress for migrants, and long delays around simple work visa applications that once made their way through the system with ease are causing issues for employers. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Eric Crampton
June Ranson
21 November, 2022

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