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Max Salmon

Research Fellow

Max Salmon is a Research Fellow at the New Zealand Initiative. He joins as a generalist, with interests in education, infrastructure, and energy.


Prior to joining the initiative, Max worked in research and policy in the private sector, and with the COVID-19 response group at DPMC. Max has a BA majoring in Classical Studies and Philosophy from Victoria University of Wellington and has recently completed an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics.


Recent Work

Trump talks New Zealand expansion

The nation is in shock following reports that former President of the USA, Donald Trump, is eyeing up New Zealand as a retirement option. With the two-term limit on the American presidency due to kick in if he wins the coming election, the former host of NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ is considering a quiet exit from politics as New Zealand’s premier. Read more

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7 June, 2024

Modifying a failing regulatory system

It is time we liberalised our Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) regulations. Benefits to New Zealand would include pest-resistant crops, more productive crops and fruit, sterile pines for forestry, reduced carbon emissions, reduced agricultural methane, better healthcare products, cheaper medication, and pest control. Read more

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26 April, 2024

Too Complex

How complex is too complex? My new report for the New Zealand Initiative, Cabinet Congestion: The Growth of a Ministerial Maze, poses this question with respect to the executive branch of New Zealand’s Government. Read more

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28 March, 2024

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